Python Excel Workbooks

"Python Excel Workbooks" connect to the Trounceflow database

How they are built

They are developed in Python
They use the Pandas library
They use the Python module XlsxWriter
Each .xls report is made from its own Python file

Excel/Goolge Sheets workbooks we have

On our platform we offer updated, ready to download Excel and Google sheets workbooks, dedicated to a certain asset class or product type from our regular offering. Inter alia, there are spreadsheets* displaying data on:
1. Foreign holdings (and flows) of Local currency EM sovereign bonds
2. Composition of holdings of Local currency EM Sovereign bonds
3. EM sovereign debt market structure by holder residency and currency of issuance
4. Equity and Debt securities cross-border flows
5. EM debt and Asia Debt fund flow
6. EMD monthly funds allocations (GBI EM Rates and FX, EMBI, CEMBI)

* Apart from the existing files, we also build spreadsheets on request, depending on your preferences