Our holistic approach


Providing the full picture of investor positioning entails:

1. Creating each of the four critical content pieces
2. Integrating them
3. Delivering them in every convenient way

Trounceflow is the only company that does this work. 

Currently, our products cover the following asset classes:

1. Emerging Market Bonds

2. High-Yield Bonds

3. Investment Grade Bonds

Fund Flows

Fund Flows reflect the net of all cash inflows and outflows from a mutual fund or ETF.

Within Emerging Market Debt we provide fund flow data based on a sample of 408 funds with $318bn AUM.

Fund Flows = fund cash inflows – fund cash outflows

A net inflow increases the cash a fund has available to purchase assets, while a net outflow decreases it.

We produce daily analytics on the flow of funds into 5 major asset classes.

          This data helps investors:

✅ Understand end demand from investors for different investment products, asset classes, sectors, geographies and currencies

✅ Understand changes in investor risk appetite and risk aversion

✅ Track the total funds available for investment per asset class and segment

✅ Predict rises and drops in asset prices

✅ Identify in- and out-of-favour asset classes

Short video explainers. View in larger screen mode.

Fund Allocations


Fund allocation data provide insight into how the investor community is positioned relative to their benchmarks.

We produce monthly analytics on fund allocations covering 4 asset classes which you may view through numerous filters (rates, fx, duration, yield, cash allocations, credit ratings).

Our work is formed from hard data, this is not a survey, nor a best guess.

          This data helps investors: 

✅ Understand investor positioning and behaviour across many dimensions

✅ Be better prepared for news and shifts in the market

✅ Anticipate positioning changes and strategise accordingly

✅ Take advantage of asymmetrical risk: bet on big wins and small losses

Short video explainers. View in larger screen mode.

Cross-Border Flows and Positions

We provide data on cross-border transactions (foreign buying and selling) in the form of cross-border flows data, as well as in the form of foreign holdings data.

Cross-border flows show a dynamic picture – buying and selling of a country’s securities (bonds and equities) by non-residents, while foreign holdings show the total holdings of foreigners at a point in time. The former shows flows, while the latter shows stock value.

          This data helps investors:

✅ Track new money (both on the equity and debt sides) that gets invested into a given country

✅ Appraise the confidence in a country’s economy based on the magnitude of inflows

✅ Estimate the current positioning of investors before the allocations data is published for countries which publish their cross-border flows data at a higher frequency

✅ Predict the change in cross-border flows to one EM country based on another EM country as cross-border flows to emerging markets tend to be correlated

Market Structure 

Trounceflow helps clients understand a Market’s Structure by presenting key data on its supply and demand characteristics.

On the supply side we provide data on investable assets, by instrument type, issuer type, currency, maturity.

On the demand side we provide data on the holders of investable assets by type and domicile of investor.

Understanding these and their variability over time helps our clients to anticipate how changes may affect asset prices.

          This data helps investors: 

✅ Examine investible assets by issuer and currency

✅ See whether a market is dominated by local or foreign investors and whether that ratio is historically stable

✅ Know whether bonds are held mostly by less volatile holders, such as pension funds, or if they’re in looser hands, like hedge funds

✅ Understand the ratio of benchmarked vs unconstrained investors

✅ Track investment trends over time on a country level as
well as in an asset class



We send over 70 emails a month with quick scoop on the most important updates.
These include daily country and fund flows emails, weekly cross-border flows emails and monthly fund allocations emails.

Web Platform

Our web platform contains all of our data presented in adjustable graphs, and documents and downloadable in CSV, JSON and PNG format.



Data analytics and processing demands are growing rapidly, if you require robust data processing, you can download all of our data in an instant, using our API.

Excel and PDF files

A lot of our data is available in handy Excel and PDF files.
Excel files have customisable charts and selectable timeseries.
PDF files come in the form of reports or research papers. Both are connected to our database, so they're always up to date.


Client Service

Our dedicated client service team is here to help with all your enquiries promptly.
No question or request is left unanswered.
You can reach out via email or schedule a call.

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