How people use this

Most people rely on our "situation update" emails

Most of our users rely solely on our daily situation update emails. We push out a handful of emails every day, that are short, to-the-point, and which tell you whether your asset class is in demand or not. That's ideal for the busy trader or portfolio manager who does not have the time to do a great big deep dive into all our content.

Some people are using our App intensely

Analysts, researchers and client-facing people don't have quite the same intraday pressures as traders and portfolio managers; they have more time to pull richer ready-made content from us via our web App and via emails, chats and calls, and they get a more valuable experience in return. To them, it almost feels like they've got their own 'desk analyst', doing the grunt work.

People use us for data and insight

Trounceflow means data, first and foremost. We're an 'alternative' data company. We've built pipelines to ingest the data that reveals demand. But Trounceflow means more than just data. We're an insight company. We 'piece together the puzzle' from what we found...and from what we didn't reach probable conclusions about what things look like.