Daily fund flow email

Daily fund flow email reports fund flows to mutual funds and ETFs dedicated to different benchmarks or strategies within a certain asset class. We send it every afternoon covering the flows to EM Debt and equity, Asia debt, US and Euro IG Corporate debt, and High Yield funds, for the previous day.

Weekly flows email

Weekly email is a report we send every Thursday containing cross-border Local currency sovereign debt flows comparison for a set of markets, for the previous week.
Additionally, we provide weekly fund flows for EM debt, decomposed into GBI EM, EMBI, CEMBI fund category, as well as other asset classes, like Asia Debt, EM Equity, High Yield.

Monthly allocations email

Monthly allocations email is sent on 18th of the month, highlighting markets recording the most significant changes in the allocations during the previous month. We send 5 emails in total:
- GBI EM (country allocations)
- EMBI (country allocations)
- CEMBI (country allocations)
- JACI (country allocations)
- Global bond EM allocations (country allocations)
- US IG Corporate debt (industry allocations)
- Euro IG Corporate debt (industry and country allocations)

Weekly LatAm Flows email

Weekly LatAm flows emails is being sent every Friday, containing data on monthly cross-border Local currency sovereign debt and equity flows for a set of Latin American countries.