Fund Flows

It's all about the demand for asset classes, such as
- EM Bonds
- EM Equities
- High Yield
The fund flow data is frequent - daily, and with a short lag - one day. In the table below we display the number of EMD funds by fund category and their AUM we use to generate the fund flows.

Fund Allocations

The fund allocations data is being released at monthly frequency, with 18 days lag, generated from a raw data on geographical and currency allocations of numerous actively managed mutual funds. The main fund categories we provide fund allocations on are:
Apart from them, we provide fund allocations of JACI, Global Bond EM, US and Euro IG corporate debt funds.
The table below sums up the number of funds we use in the samples and their aggregate AUM, as well as the coverage (in %) of the whole EMD universe.

* Note that for this product - fund allocations - we use only the actively managed mutual funds, taking only one fund per AMC, while the "Total" columns aggregate the number of funds/AUM of all the funds dedicated to a certain benchmark (mutual funds, ETFs, multiple units of the same AMC)

Markets & Macro

It's all about the amount of bonds outstanding...
It's all about who holds them...
It's about small bond markets...
(e.g. the South Africa ZAR-denominated sovereign bonds)
It's about large bond markets...
(e.g. all emerging market sovereign bonds)