Georgia Flows & Positions: July 2021 recorded the largest decrease in the stock of Foreign Holdings of Local Currency Debt since March 2020

Newly released Foreign Holdings, Composition of Holdings, Foreign Holdings of Hard-Currency Debt and FX Reserves July 2021 data, and Fund Allocations and BoP June 2021 data. CEMBI fund allocations [small sample]: significantly went down in June 2021, resulting in the weakest overweight since Feb 2020 Foreign Holdings: decreased […]

How we predict Emerging Market Debt Flows – Nowcasting explained

Why do we nowcast? Most EM governments publish data on debt cross-border flows with a one-to-three-month lag. The objective of the nowcast models is to make monthly predictions of EM debt cross-border flows to countries with lagging data releases. This way, we fill the missing […]

Increase in foreign holdings of Colombian bonds is largely driven by unconstrained investors

Increase in foreign holdings of Colombian #bonds is largely driven by unconstrained investors. The benchmark-driven investors are substantially overweight and have been increasing their allocations. Take a look at how crowded it’s getting.

How did the Fed meeting impact Emerging Market flows?

Was it a harsh reaction from some funds? Hear what Benoit Anne has to say on the topic.

Ghana is on the move! Getting crowded?

Ghana is on the move! Stock of foreign holdings is on the rise and there have been substantial inflows in the recent period. Does this mean foreigners are overweight or is there still room?

Cross-border sovereign bond flows June 24 – June 30

Cross-border sovereign bond flows are back to positive after last week’s significant outflows.Turkey records strong inflows, while India had sizeable outflows.

How much are foreigners buying in local currency South African bonds?

Our CEO Michael Trounce shares Trounceflow’s intelligence on how much the foreigners are buying in local currency South African bonds and how it is affecting the positioning of South Africa.

What intelligence can you extract from cash allocations?

Local currency Emerging Market Debt cross-border flows nowcasting for May 2021

Our nowcasting model suggests that investor flows to Local Currency EMD, excluding China, were neutral in May, showing a small positive value of USD 0.34bn. This follows an outflow of USD 9.36bn in March, and an inflow of USD 3.11bn in April.

EM fixed income valuation and the outlook on EM flows