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How we help investment professionals

We deliver intelligence on investor positioning.

Investor behaviour matters.

In other words, if you’re an investment professional, you should be interested in what other players on the market are doing. Their decisions move asset prices. Knowing what others’ positioning looks like and how it is changing and being able to anticipate changes and act quickly is the determining success factor for investment professionals. This is especially the case in emerging markets where markets can be relatively small and illiquid compared to the sizes of the participants.

The problem is – You can’t find out about investor behaviour easily.

To understand what positioning looks like at a point in time, investors need to know how fund managers are allocating their assets as well as what the current distribution of issuers and holders looks like in a given market. To anticipate changes in positioning, investors can observe the flows in and out of funds and countries.

Delivering intelligence on investor positioning is a multi-angled approach we’ve been refining since 2017.

Our 4 products equip investors with a unique grasp on investor positioning which can in turn enable them to predict rises and drops in asset prices and strategize accordingly.

They are available on a rich web platform, via an API, as well as in regular topic-specific emails that quickly push relevant updates to our clients. Investors who are missing the opportunity to access all of this are potentially giving up their edge on the market.

Fund Flows

Fund flows data provide insights into global investor positioning, helping investors understand changes in demand and sentiment, across asset classes, sectors, geographies, and currencies.

Fund Allocations

Fund allocations data provide insight about how the investor community is positioned relative to their benchmarks. This type of intelligence enables investors to take advantage of asymmetric risk.

Cross-border Flows

Cross-border flows data provide regular insight into how investor positioning is changing by tracking new debt and equity flows into a country.

Market Structure

Market structure data shows the breakdown of EM sovereign debt by holder, investor and currency.

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